Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Online Quran Recitation Manners

Online Quran Recitation is becoming a very common phenomenon with every passing day. Usually it is done in live sessions to teach the individuals about the Quran. So, one must realize that it is a great responsibility.

The Online Quran Recitation should not be deemed different from the offline recitation in any way. One must have a deep respect for the words of Allah Almighty. The following are the manners of the Online Quran Recitation.

1. First, do the ablution.

2. Both, the Muslim men and women should cover their satar properly before the Online Quran Recitation. Even if they have to recite without the video feature of the Skype, they must perform the ablution and cover their satar.

3. Being online does not mean that one can combine just anything with the Online Quran Recitation. Please switch off the mobile phones and other distracting devices before starting the recitation.

4. One should not also open Facebook or any other social media websites during the Quran recitation.

5. One should also refrain from opening any kind of informative websites also because they too will affect the concentration while reciting.

6. If the recitation is for teaching purposes one must try to do it beautifully.