Monday, December 13, 2010

Online Quran- Different Aspects

Downloading the online Quran to the mobile phone or the computer is a great idea. Just keep the following things about the online Quran in the mind.

1. One should essentially make sure that the online Quran is authentic. It means that the Quran is not altered in any way and there is nothing omitted or added to the original manuscript of the Quran.

2. Some Muslims are not careful and vigilant about the authenticity of the Quran they download. They say that the safety of the Quran is the responsibility of Allah Almighty. Therefore, they do not need to bother. It is true that Allah Almighty has promised the safety of Quran by himself. However, a Muslim must not forget his or her responsibility. If someone is being vigilant about the accuracy of the online Quran, the person himself is herself is benefitting because he r she is earning virtues by doing so.

3. The online Quran should be respected just as one respects the hard copy of the Quran. Remember the words in the Quran are the words of the Allah Almighty revealed on the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). Therefore, whether it is in the form of a hard copy or a soft copy, it is mandatory on the Muslims to respect it.