Monday, August 29, 2011

The Night Of Qadar And Offering Nawafil

I have seen many Muslim individuals not knowing what to pray and how to worship Allah on the night of Qadar. Since the significance of this day is huge, most people are looking for nawafil that will provide the greatest blessings and rewards. Some may prefer reading the holy Quran all night, but I think that the following nawafil are useful.

1. Offer two rakat nafl. In each rakat, after Surah Fatiha, recite Surah Qadar once and Surah Ikhlas three times. This person is promised a place in the Heaven that stretches from east to west.

2. The Prophet (PBUH) also said that who offers two rakat naft on the Night of Qadar and recites Surah Ikhlas seven times after Surah Fatiha and also reads (Astaghfirul lahil azimal lazi la ilaha illahoal hiul qaiumo wa atubo alaih) seventy times after the prayer, Allah will forgive all his sins before he even gets up from his prayer mat.

Therefore, if you want to earn a place in Paradise and seek forgiveness, make sure you recite the nafl given above as I do.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Groom your kid through Online Quran Learning

It is a difficult task to groom your kid so that he can become a helpful member of the society. It has to be taken seriously otherwise it will become a problem for you in the future. There is nothing more important than enabling your kid to learn Quran as it is a vital part in a person’s life. Nowadays there are online academies available which have made this task easy for you. Quran learning and teaching is now in the reach of every person. You do not have to join an academy for learning Quran. There are best resources and links available online from which you can get benefit. There are some factors that you should keep in your mind to make your kid educated, obedient and helpful for other people.

Handle your kid with love:

This is perhaps the most powerful tool in the whole world and you can conquer the world with this. If you appreciate your kid with love then your kid will be encouraged towards its goal. There should be a controlled percentage of love. Excessive love can make him stubborn while lack of love can make him rebel.

Joining Online Academy for Quran Learning:

Register your kid to join Quran Academy so that he can start taking regular classes and he remains in touch with Islam. Islam teaches peace, justice and brotherhood. Islam is the only religion which clearly promotes human rights. Learning Quran and Islam will definitely result in developing good attributes and it will make your kid proud. The easiest method of providing Quran education to your kid is to enroll him in online Quran academy. Online teaching is a very effective way of teaching as compared to the face to face learning.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Basic Working Procedure Of Quran Reading

Benefits Of Quran Reading And Memorization

The Quran is said to be the Speech of Allah in the Arabic language and is the most comprehensive book of knowledge on earth. It is compulsory for every Muslim to equip himself of this knowledge and become a better person. The goal of a Muslim should not only be Quran Reading, but should try to memorize it, so that it remains in the heart of a person for enlightenment.

Imam Al-Haafidh an-Nawawi upon giving advice to his students said:”Quran Recitation is the first thing that the students of Quran should begin with”. There are many things that are required and helpful for those who want to memorize Quran. There are some ways that are of great importance for the memorization of Quran and Sheikh Yasir Qadhi pointed them out. The first important point is consistent timing that should be adopted and followed.

Secondly choose a suitable atmosphere and place where you can recite and memorize Quran. Familiarity should be followed which means that you should recite the Quran at the same place, at the same time every day and also the same copy of Quran should be used. Repetition of the Ayaat and Hadiths is very important and try to memorize Quran with meanings.

Develop a habit of listening to the good recitors of Holy Quran like Shaykh Husary. There is a great reward for those who learn, read and memorize Quran , and they can benefit from it in this world as well as Hereafter. It is said about Quran” He who appoints Quran as his leader and his guidance book will lead him to paradise while the one who ignores it will lead him to Fire”.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Instructions For Finding A Quran Teacher

Finding a Quran tutor is the difficult task especially for those Muslims who are living in the non-Muslim countries where the non-Muslim communities have the dominance. We will guide you to find out the Quran tutor who will teach you at your home comfort. The world became the global village so the communication process is so easy now with the help of internet. In the busy life, parents have no time to drop their kids to the school or Masjid for the Quran education so online Quran learning is the blessing for the parents and for the kids as well.

If you have internet connection at your home or office then it is so easy to start. Just brows internet and search online Quran reading so that you will find number of online Quran academies that are offering you the services of Quran reading, recitation, memorization, tafseer , tajweed, and translation. You have the opportunity of three days free classes as a trail period where you can judge whether you have to continue or to disconnect. Now if you have some ideas about online education system then do share with us on this platform and ask to your friends and other relatives too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Is The Definition Of A True Muslim?

A lot needs to be said about Islam and its followers. We certainly have complicated our religion but in fact it is not. Muslim is a person who believes in one God and the Holy Prophet. Muslims should not be characterized as an extremist, moderate or liberal. There were different reactions of people and religious groups at the assassination of Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer. We are a muslim but we also condemn the governor’s murder while on the other hand hundreds of people are hailing the assassin. Then the question arises who is the real muslim?

According to the current situation of the country, it has become important that every person who recites Quran and believes in the teachings of Islam should stand against the people who are passing fatwa’s, promoting hatred amongst people and creating wrong perceptions about Islam. Extremism is a menace, but then it becomes a major issue when someone starts approving it. There is another group of trouble makers which have affected the thinking of our society and they are the religious groups which have created false beliefs in the mind of our people and thus help in provoking extremism. Through the facility of Online Quran Reading it has now become easier to learn and Read Quran.

The only way to eradicate this problem is to create a group of educated and sensible religious scholars who can negate these false thoughts by the extremist groups. If any of the statement is issued from these extremists, the religious committee should stand up and say that this cannot be done and implemented as it is against the teachings of Islam. The need is to become a sensible muslim to negate the thoughts of these extremists. The need of the hour is to properly educate ourselves about Islam.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quran Learning By Children In Muslim Minority Regions

Muslims who live in Muslim minority regions find it very hard to hire a competent, knowledgeable and experienced Quran tutor that can impart the knowledge of Quran to children. Quran learning is a problem that needs to be looked for easily. Some of the problems of learning Quran are mentioned below.

  1. Materialistic approaches in the society. People tend to focus more on gaining worldly benefits and status and forget about following the teachings of Islam.
  2. Lack of importance given to gaining religious knowledge and other concepts such as morality, ethics etc.
  3. Fast paced life having very little time for religious education.
  4. Effects of the non-Muslim traditions on Muslim children
  5. Lack of competent and experienced Quran tutors in the region
  6. Wrong impression of Muslims regarding terrorism

Although this seems to be a very difficult situation for Muslims to live in, yet these problems can still be solved. All the problems faced by Muslims can be solved if they start leading their lives according to the principles of Islam and preach Islam to others in the right manner.

Also, as long as Muslims remain desirable to do well and learn Quran, these issues can be solved. All they need to do is keep the religion simple and avoid superimposing things that make leading the life according to Islamic principles hard. It is also advisable to teach Quran to your children and encourage them to spend some time every day to read and recite the Holy book.

Therefore, if you learn Quran and encourage your children to do so as well, you might produce true Muslims.