Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Different Aspects of Online Quran reading

The online Quran reading is getting extremely popular among the Muslims now. There are several reasons for this consistent increase in popularity. A basic reason is that the Muslim world too has adopted technology now and is now more comfortable with the computers and internet as compared to the state some years ago. Especially the youngsters prefer online Quran reading now because they spend most of their time on their computers and the internet.

There are several aspects of the online Quran reading that the adult Muslims must keep in mind.

1. The online Quran reading is not different from the conventional Quran reading in the spirit. So, one must take special care that one is prepared for it. The Muslims should perform ablution before doing it. The Muslim women should cover their heads.

2. The online Quran reading is also done after hearing the recitation online. In that case, using the microphone and headphones should be always encouraged.

3. The Muslim parents should encourage the online Quran reading because the children are more comfortable with using computers for education purposes. If they want a tutor for the children, the online tutors can easily be arranged. Many websites offer Quran education classes for individuals irrespective of their age.