Sunday, January 9, 2011

Listen to live Quran sessions online

Supremely exalted is therefore Allah, the King, the Truth, and do not make haste with the Quran before its revelation is made complete to you and say: O my Lord ! increase me in knowledge. Quran Taha [20:114]

These days the live Quran sessions are helping many Muslims and even non-Muslims to understand about Islam. It is always a good idea to remove the misconceptions about Islam in the masses. However always keep the following things in mind about the live Quran sessions on the internet.

  • YouTube is undoubtedly a good resource for the live Quran recitation, translation, or explanation sessions.
  • Downloading and spreading these sessions is an act of great responsibility. Of course, one does not want to spread something wrong or unauthenticated.
  • If you want to download a live Quran session for a non-Muslim community, then take special care. First, do not download a session that has anything offensive to other religions in it. Also, make special measures to authenticate the particular live Quran session.

And thus have We sent it down an Arabic Quran, and have distinctly set forth therein of threats that they may guard (against evil) or that it may produce a reminder for them. Quran Taha [20:113]