Monday, January 3, 2011

Live Quran Tutoring Online

Al-Kahf [18:27] And recite what has been revealed to you of the Book of your Lord, there is none who can alter His words; and you shall not find any refuge besides Him.

The concept of the Live Quran tutoring is becoming famous with every passing day. This is because it is very convenient. It has made things a lot easier for the people who are living at places where the Quran tutors are not available.

The Live Quran tutoring online can be in the following forms.

1. The most popular form of the Live Quran tutoring is the Quran recitation teaching sessions. In these sessions, the tutor and the student connect through Skype and through a screen sharing software.

2. Another type of Live Quran tutoring is when one learns the translation of the Quran on the internet with the help of a live tutor.

3. The Live Quran tutoring can also be done with the help of the broadcasting websites. An Islamic scholar can deliver a lecture on any verse, chapter, or topic of the Quran on a broadcasting website. In this way, the Muslims all around the world can listen to him online simultaneously. There can be question, answer session after or in between the lecture.