Thursday, September 8, 2011

Truth About Islam, Quran And Muslim

The word Islam derived from the Arabic word that means obedience and harmony. When we talk about to the religious point of view then it means complete obedience to the will of Allah. Islam is the complete code of successful life as Muhammad (pbuh) is the last prophet so all should follow his Sunnah to live the life successful. The main focus of Islam is to worship Allah who is the only GOD of all. The followers of Islam are called Muslims who believe truly on Allah who created all humans, jinn, and insects also follow Muhammad (pbuh) through whom his revelation was brought to human beings. To know more about Islam, Quran, and Muslims join live Quran where you will get online education of what Islam is, who is the creature of all, who are the Muslims and what is our purpose to be on this earth etc. Jazak Allah Khair


Sahir said...

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