Monday, September 12, 2011

Tiny Similarities Between Islam And Christianity

Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in the world. Both religions are closely knotted but moral values are different of both of them. There are just few chosen primary beliefs common in both religions. There are two separate Devin books for both religions from Allah Almighty and both have the strong belief on these scriptures. Here we will discuss the tiny similarities between Islam and Christianity in general.
  • Islam and Christianity abominate same-sex marriages.
  • Both religions clearly abominate suicide in any form.
  • Islam and Christianity are opposite to any appearance of overindulgence.
  • Both religions articulate severe penalties for those who disrespect Allah.
  • Faith by words of tongue only is of no significance at all and is in fact detested in both religions.
  • Appalling acts such as adultery and sexual involvement with a person of the same sex are highly opposed by both religions.
  • Both the religions need a strong faith on the fact that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and both consent to the fact that Jesus performed miracles.
  • Beaded thread used as an aid to worship Allah in both religions. This beaded thread is sometimes made from stone or wood. In Islam it is known as a 'tasbeeh,' while Catholics refer to it as a 'rosary'.
  • Last but not least, both religions belief on the hereafter life.Bulleted List

For more information and details you may join Quran online where Quran teachers will guide you about Islam and Christianity in true meanings. Have strong faith on your religion and avoid innovating your religion. Jazak Allah Khair.