Monday, May 10, 2010

Lack Of Knowledge And Rights Of Women

For many of us the lack of knowledge and fact of reality we are assumed to be left over in situations on which we do not know much about our religion and left over to believe on something’s that are told by someone who might or might not even have more information, but due to inappropriate knowledge we are somewhat forced to believe the convincing party.

This has came to my attention as I recently came across an article which mentioned women rights in Islam and tried to de-motivate the readers by pointing out the divorce issues between husband and wives. As read it through the content clearly said that in Islam a husband can just divorce his wife without any reason by just repeating the words “I divorce you”. Surprisingly I am forced to understand how modern age media and other Non-Muslims can make out of Islam and what is the picture that is being presented while the truth is opposing to many situations which you are not sure it is the utmost duty of one to consult Quran as an ultimate source of supreme guidance and if unable to find look thoroughly other sources.

While the truth remains to be worth knowing is that divorce is a mutual agreement to end their relationship of wife and husband. While after the delivery of those three particular words they are bound for approximately three months to decide and reconsider upon their decision before they actually can call out to be separate.