Monday, May 17, 2010

Islam In Respect Of Imitation And Modernity

There are many disbeliefs and uncertainty among us (Muslims) that have no true sense or meaning which can be changed in any sense. If we are involved in Quran Recitation on a regular basis we can learn from the great source to clear any ambiguities from our minds.

People who are forced or made to think that Muslims do not get along with western economical and social aspects, these disbeliefs are often added with the idea that Islam does not have or does not have an idea of progression which requires to be modified according to the western society. These are incorrect as we know the truth remains to be unquestioned while these superficial conclusions are made by those who ignore the fact of being Muslims and the lack of knowledge in them restrain them from understanding the importance and purpose if Islam.

Forgetting the purpose and basic idea behind Islam which we are expected to follow is lost and sense of betrayal is perceived by the followers for adopting western society just for the sake of being acceptable whereas the truth is that people who seek knowledge and search the difference between right and wrong will make a difference and Allah the almighty will help then to be guided in the right way.