Friday, May 28, 2010

Classification Of Mankind In Islam

Islam's communal ethics are against the hostile critics and stands up for the rights of all the righteous. H.G. Wells says: "Islam created a society more free from widespread cruelty and social oppression than any society that had ever been in the world before" (Outline of History).

Quran recitation tells us bout the rights of the mankind. They are all equal in the eyes of Allah. Islam aspires at the creation of a classless humanity by eradicating all likely communal confrontations (through rotating the distinct interests).

In the sphere of economics, Islam lays down the standard that riches should not be permitted to circulate amidst the rich only, and envisages, through its regulations.
Islam stands for the "Cooperative Commonwealth of the Pursuers of Righteousness".

Taken as a entire, the Islamic state is a "welfare state" where sovereignty pertains to Allah solely and no human being has a right to rule other human beings except in the title of Allah and as asserted by His Will, and where no one, not even the Head of the State, is overhead the law. Absolute Justice is the watchword and the Establishment of Righteousness is the goal.

H.A.R. Gibb says: "Within the Western world Islam still maintains the balance between exaggerated opposities. Opposed equally to the anarchy of European nationalism and the regimentation of Russian communism, it has not yet succumbed to that obsession with the economic side of life which is characteristic of present-day Russia alike." (Whither Islam?).

There is no one in this world that is not equal to the other and the only discriminating thing is factor called taqwa. On which human beings are classified in the eyes of Allah.