Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Worship as a Social Service for Muslims

Worship in Islam is not only for the remembrance of God but it serves for humanity in great deal. Serving for humanity is always the first priority for a true Muslim as the rights of humans in Islam are of immense importance. The Holy Qur'an declares that they have been made "in the best of moulds"

The equality between the people is established with Salat (Prayer). In congregational salat Muslims say their prayers standing in rows five times a day. Big and small, rich and poor, powerless and powerful, literate and illiterate all stand in the same rows without any discrimination. The lesson of equality is also taught in Islamic Schools when all the children are irrespective of their status are dealt equally.

Fasting is to live without food and water from dawn to dusk. A man may be very rich, but he has to go hungry and thirsty just like any common man. In this way by observing the fast in the process of worshipping God, a Muslim personally experiences human need as well.

Hajj, too, is essentially a form of worship. During Hajj many different kinds of people come together, but the pilgrims are forbidden to fight. The pilgrim must avoid all friction lest his pilgrimage become unacceptable in the eyes of God. Similarly Quran Recitation makes a man to think about the teachings of Islam and acts upon them to worship and to serve for the humanity.

Zakat is a form of worship of God along with a form of service to humanity. By apportioning a share of one’s wealth to God, man acknowledges God as the giver, while at the same time he trains himself to fulfill his responsibilities towards human beings.


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