Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adult Education in Pakistan

There is great difference between the education of children and the education of adults. The chief purpose of children is to go to school and learn. But the adults may also have been engaged in other professional activities too. So educating adults is a bit challenging task.

For the purpose of education, adults may be divided into two classes the illiterate and the partially literate. It is the aim to see that every person in the arithmetic. Such knowledge is absolutely necessary for every person living in a democratic country. Some adults only get Islamic education like Quran Recitation, Hadith, Qur’an Memorization, Fiqah etc. They are not really obsessed by modern education. The purpose of adult education should be to create awareness for both forms of education.

While some of the people have modern education but no religious education. This also makes their life difficult because being a Muslim one must have proper knowledge of Islam. Those people who aim to get Islamic education and are struck in professional life can benefit from online Islamic Schools.

It is the aim that such adults as are partially literate should be taken further on the road of knowledge. They would be taught their rights and responsibilities as citizens. It will be their duty to pass the knowledge on to those who have little knowledge.
In Pakistan too, an adult school was first started in Karachi in a spirit of social service. The work was done in night schools. With the increase in the number of pupils, the number of institutions has also increased.

Generally, almost all the work is done free. It is done out of a spirit of social service. The importance of the work has now fully recognized all over the country. The government has extended its patronage and encouragement to adult education. To derive out illiteracy from the country, the government is very keen. It is a matter of pride that more and more Adult Education Societies are coming into existence in the different parts of the country.


School of Social Work said...

I would say this is the noble cause work. To educate adults is the sign of growing country. Adults are the future of the country. Education is the much needed for every country who want to grow in this competetive time and for that adults education is must. So, I think adult education is must !