Tuesday, October 27, 2009

People of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that was created as a welcoming haven for Muslims. Majority of the people in Pakistan are Muslims. It became a country following the partitioning of India in the second half of the 1940s. Hindus living in the region that is now Pakistan fled to India. Muslims living in what is now India fled to Pakistan to practice their religion i.e. offer their prayers independently, celebrate religious events, build Islamic institutes for Quran Recitation and other Islamic practices.

Pakistan is a versatile land enriched with precious resources, having rivers, deserts, fertile land, and mines. Culture of Pakistan in constituted with different cultures. Different languages are being spoken in different part of the country.

The education in Pakistan is a bit immature but progressing very fast. There are so many Islamic Schools as well as conventional schools, colleges and universities in Pakistan providing quality of education across the country.

People of Pakistan faced many problems right after and before the independence. Armies from the ancient Persian Empire once invaded the territory now known as Pakistan. After Alexander the Great marched into Persian, he marched further east. His army also tried to control the people living in the mountains that were east of Persia.
Monguls have invaded Pakistan. Turks have invaded it. Arabs have invaded it. Afghanis have invaded it. The blood of all those invading armies has been mixed into the blood of the people of Pakistan.

Today the people of Pakistan no longer need to fight off invaders because of gaining atomic power and strong military force. Pakistani people are playing their part in the progress of Pakistan and soon they will be successful to put their country among the developed nations of the world.


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