Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do We Need a Spiritual Master

Before Islam, everyone was in the darkness of false worship of stone made gods who were helpless themselves. To pull out the humanity from darkness Allah sent his last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In the childhood he lived totaly differently as compared to other children of Makkah. He was well known of his honesty and beauty. After the time he was blessed with Islam, he started preaching Islam and the one and only Allah. He was blessed by countless miracles. The biggest and outstanding miracle is Holy Qur’an.

When the anti-Muslims came to peek against Islam and the people started teasing Muslims on Quran Recitation and performing prayers, then Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) started preaching the Oneness of Allah and the Greatness of Islam. At that time he was a Spirtual master for everyone. The one, who came in the circle of Islam, had great blessings on him.

There were thousands of people who embraced Islam at that time. But after the death of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) a lot of Sahaba Karaam preached Islam and gave their lives in the way of Islam. Those were the successful men who were the students of their spiritual master Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). After Sahaba Karaam, this duty was fulfilled by the saints of Islam through Islamic Schools who were real lovers of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Allah. The saints of Islam preached in different areas of the world and those who became the real lover students of their spiritual masters earned great names in Islam and also in the world.

There are many examples before us who followed their Spiritual masters and got a famous name in this world and there miracles can been seen in this world. We need to have a spiritual master who cam guide us to the right path.