Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 5 Islamic Schools in USA

Islam is the most widely spread religion in the world. One cannot reckon its boundaries, even in the places where people are living in geezer hood life. With the help of Almighty Allah, Muslims have managed to spread the light of Islam in every corner of the world.

Besides the Islamic Schools in Muslim countries, Some Islamic Schools are also being run in the non-Muslim countries. These Islamic schools are not only educating Muslim children but also preaching Islam to the non-believers.

USA is a country having Muslims in minorities. Hence Managing Islamic Schools in such a country which is non-Muslim state and ruling the world is not an easy task. Still there are few Islamic Schools which are successfully achieving their targets of providing quality of Islamic education.

Few of them are listed below
1. Islamic School Of Qur’an Recitation Learning
2. College Preparatory School of America
3. Universal School in Chicago
4. Islamic Foundation School
5. Islamic Academy of Riverside, California

What brings Islamic School of Qur’an Recitation Learning up in front is the bunch of broadened features it provides to its students. Children can learn Qur’an Recitation by sitting at their homes; they can attend one to one classes with trained tutors live at any time.

Many other features are also provided hence winning the trust of Muslim families in USA.