Sunday, August 23, 2009

Islamic Societies in USA

USA is the most highly-developed and established country in the world, also known to be today’s super power. It comprises almost 50 states and a federal district, having total population of 307 million people. USA is considered to be ethnically diverse and multicultural land.

Officially USA is a secular nation, but the people of different religions reside here having 78.4% of the Christians, hence making Christianity the largest religion in the USA. There is also a big community of Muslims in USA almost 1 million in numbers.

Few years earlier there was no concept of Islamic schools or Islamic education in USA as Muslims were less in numbers, or not established. Now the population of Muslims in USA has increased to a greater extent and they have established themselves playing an important part in the growth of American economy.

Islamic Societies are also growing strong. Providing Islamic and Qur’an education. Many Islamic and Quran Recitation schools are educating Muslim children and also to those who want to know and understand what Qur’an says.

Islamic School of Qur’an Recitation is an Islamic school proving online Islamic education. It is a superb Online Quran tutor program functioning since 2005. This school has enabled more than 3600 kids and above 1400 adults to recite Holy Quran beautifully at home.