Thursday, August 27, 2009

Online Education

Online education is the modern way of learning and rapidly growing technique. Latest technologies are exploited in online education to make it even better. In this sort of learning there is no face to face interaction of teachers with students, rather lectures are delivered through web, video conferencing, voice calls etc.

There are few Islamic Schools providing online education of Quran Recitation and teach Quran with translation. These schools are very useful for those who are living in non-Muslim countries and face problems in finding a Qur'an teacher.

Another benefit of online education is that children are not required to go to school and hence precious time is saved which can be spent in other learning activities. Online education provides many comforts to the students as they can find vast variety of educational material on internet and they can get it instantly.

Online educational material is preferred because it is reusable and easily redistributable to others. In 21st century the technology is made very common and now every student can easily access online school from any part of the world sitting at home.

Students having disabilities have no better choice than online education as they don’t find any hurdle in getting online education.

Islamic school of Quran recitation provides online Quran tutoring services to the people living in Canada, USA, Uk etc which is very helpful for Muslims to get their religious education t home.


Anonymous said...

Assalam walakum,

This blog is a very nice blog, I have found it very beneficial to know more about Islam. Thanks for sharing the information.