Monday, August 31, 2009

The Goals of Education in Islam

Knowledge has no limits. The profound book of nature is so rich in content and meaning that if the history of human thought continues for ever, this book is not likely to be read to its end. The Qur’an, too, is like the rich and profound book of nature, with the difference that the Quran is articulate and fluent while nature is silent. But its content and resources are equally inexhaustible, and will ever remain as fresh. Every day it conveys a new message to the humanity. Quran Recitation itself broadens and sharpens the mind of humans.

Education has the ultimate importance in Islam, and every Muslim should seek knowledge complying with the words of the Prophet (S.A.W):

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

Seek knowledge even [if it is to be found in a place as distant as] China.

The Muslims are pioneers in setting up the system of formal education, Muslims started the concept of Islamic Schools and in education Muslims are responsible for developing the sciences of physics and chemistry. Those were Muslims who first taught these sciences to others and later on other people made expansions in these fields.

The main goal of education in Islam is not only to get a good job or to earn a lot of money but to gain more knowledge, serve for the humanity and do something for the amelioration of mankind.