Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Quran Learning By Children In Muslim Minority Regions

Muslims who live in Muslim minority regions find it very hard to hire a competent, knowledgeable and experienced Quran tutor that can impart the knowledge of Quran to children. Quran learning is a problem that needs to be looked for easily. Some of the problems of learning Quran are mentioned below.

  1. Materialistic approaches in the society. People tend to focus more on gaining worldly benefits and status and forget about following the teachings of Islam.
  2. Lack of importance given to gaining religious knowledge and other concepts such as morality, ethics etc.
  3. Fast paced life having very little time for religious education.
  4. Effects of the non-Muslim traditions on Muslim children
  5. Lack of competent and experienced Quran tutors in the region
  6. Wrong impression of Muslims regarding terrorism

Although this seems to be a very difficult situation for Muslims to live in, yet these problems can still be solved. All the problems faced by Muslims can be solved if they start leading their lives according to the principles of Islam and preach Islam to others in the right manner.

Also, as long as Muslims remain desirable to do well and learn Quran, these issues can be solved. All they need to do is keep the religion simple and avoid superimposing things that make leading the life according to Islamic principles hard. It is also advisable to teach Quran to your children and encourage them to spend some time every day to read and recite the Holy book.

Therefore, if you learn Quran and encourage your children to do so as well, you might produce true Muslims.