Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What Is The Definition Of A True Muslim?

A lot needs to be said about Islam and its followers. We certainly have complicated our religion but in fact it is not. Muslim is a person who believes in one God and the Holy Prophet. Muslims should not be characterized as an extremist, moderate or liberal. There were different reactions of people and religious groups at the assassination of Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer. We are a muslim but we also condemn the governor’s murder while on the other hand hundreds of people are hailing the assassin. Then the question arises who is the real muslim?

According to the current situation of the country, it has become important that every person who recites Quran and believes in the teachings of Islam should stand against the people who are passing fatwa’s, promoting hatred amongst people and creating wrong perceptions about Islam. Extremism is a menace, but then it becomes a major issue when someone starts approving it. There is another group of trouble makers which have affected the thinking of our society and they are the religious groups which have created false beliefs in the mind of our people and thus help in provoking extremism. Through the facility of Online Quran Reading it has now become easier to learn and Read Quran.

The only way to eradicate this problem is to create a group of educated and sensible religious scholars who can negate these false thoughts by the extremist groups. If any of the statement is issued from these extremists, the religious committee should stand up and say that this cannot be done and implemented as it is against the teachings of Islam. The need is to become a sensible muslim to negate the thoughts of these extremists. The need of the hour is to properly educate ourselves about Islam.