Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What The Quran Says About Suicide?

Unluckily, today’s Muslims gloomily be unsuccessful to show the real picture of Islam by their way of living and manner that is the main reason why non-Muslims are not overwhelmed with the teaching of prophet (pbuh) and Quran that is the last scripture of God. Unfortunately so-called Muslims of today are connected in Suicidal bomb attacks which are firmly prohibited even in most demolished moments. We should Teach Quran to all those who have the very wrong concept of Islam and Muslims to clear the picture.

Islam never allows killing or murdering the innocent people especially in the wars and also not allowed for security damages. Now we will talk about what Quran says about the concept of suicide? It has the great importance in Islam and Quran because it is not only the matter on of soul but it involves so many innocent lives specially children and women and Allah will ask on the Day of Judgment about this act. There is no place in Jannah for that person who is involved in this act of devil.

In actual they people are totally unaware of what Quran says about it or what will be the result of it so here as Muslims we have the major responsibility to Teach Quran to them and make them knowledgeable about the real Islam that always gives the lessons of peace and prosperity in every matter of life. Muslims have the great power in form of book (Quran) that is the main source of leading Islam and that is why Islam is the second major religion in the world.