Friday, May 27, 2011

What Allah Say About Music

Allah is the most merciful and most beneficent, all prays is due to Allah and peace and blessing be upon on his messenger.

Music is the main issue that is under discussion in hot topics by many scholars and debtors of the past and the present. Many scholars and debtors are totally against of all forms of music while some of them with a singular exception of Duff (tambourine) say that it is allowed in weddings. Some of them with positive approach considering only music that contain pagan, unethical and sensual themes are forbidden. For more information about Islam and topics like this you can visit Learn Quran Online.

The scholars and debtors who say that all kind of music is forbidden, does not seem to agree under the balanced approach of Islam. The general nature of Islam is more consistent in the later views that are the complete way of life. Usually the first group scholars set the traditions to justify the condemnation about all sort of music and musical instruments because of the association of it with dancing, drinking and sensuality.

It is the fact that our beloved prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) not only allowed music on weddings but also listen singing girls and he just interrupted those girls on one line of song that was “In our midst is a prophet who knows what will happen tomorrow”. Muhammad (p.b.u.h) told them that just remove this line of song and sing the rest you were singing earlier. So it is proved that songs or singing is not restricted only to the weddings but the wording that convince body parts to dance or drink are forbidden. When you will join.Learn Quran Online you will come to know more about this topic and Islam clearly prohibit hat dancing of both opposite sex together.

But we have to stress that Islam clearly prohibits mixed dancing of males and females.”
Allah Almighty knows best.