Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadan and the Workplace for Muslims

Ramadan 2010 is coming in few days. Prepare yourself to welcome the month of Ramadan. Muslims fast every day from sunrise to sunset for 30 days of Ramadan. Muslims men and women are working in the offices for the whole month and continue their fasting with the work. This makes them feel not relax and unhappy. The working people lack in their prayers and worshiping due to the load of work.

Ramadan is a spiritual and physical cleansing for Muslims. In Muslim countries people do prayers in the night and thus they start their work late in the morning which doesn’t effect. But for the Muslims in non Muslims countries, it is much difficult for the Muslims to maintain their fasting and prayers.

There is nothing differ in the month of Ramadan in non Muslim countries. They continue their routine as it was. But in Muslim countries the routine goes change; the working time goes less than normal routines by government.

Businesses have lack of awareness for the cultures. People know what Muslims are but don’t appreciate Muslims for what they do. There are many cases you will see in non Muslims countries that people invite Muslims in lunch while they are fasting but never give break for their fast to over at sunset. Respecting the cultures and religions is not anywhere in the workplaces. But it should be and is very necessary. Everyone should have freedom to follow his/her culture. If the cultural diversity is excluded in workplace then all the employees feel happy, relax and they would be encouraged to do something for the company. This makes business successful.