Monday, February 22, 2010

New Challenges and Resposibilities of Muslims

The world has changed now. The one who doesn’t develop himself according to the world would be left behind. Luckily Muslims have a versatile religion that is for all humanity and for all generations of the universe. What we need is to research how to live in the modern world according to the teachings of Islam, learn Quran, follow its instructions and progress in this competitive world.

The world is now full of terror, turmoil, conflicts and confrontations and the victims are the Muslims. Few terrorists and anti-Americans were named as Muslims due to which all Muslims were targeted. Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked in the name of war against terrorism and adding to the miseries of these poor countries, none of the Muslim countries resisted. Mosques, Islamic Schools and innocent people were assaulted for the charge of practicing their religion, offering prayers and being peaceful.

The problem is due to the division of Muslim countries and uneducated environment. Muslims don’t know how to secure their interests. They don’t even know their real enemies. They are getting away from their religion and their values. They forgot to follow the teachings of Qur’an.

What can get Muslims out of these troubles? The answer is so simple yet so difficult to act upon. Muslim countries should reunite themselves against their enemies and educate themselves with religious education as well as modern education. That is how they can stop getting dictations from the others and respect the interest of Muslim countries.