Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Are We On The Right Path?

Rasool Allah (p.b.u.h) said:

“At that time, there would be a lot mischief. A person would be Muslim in the morning and kafir (unbeliever) in the evening.”

This Hadis predicts the imaans of the Muslims would become so weak that you would not be able to make it clear if the person is Muslim or not. Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) had said:

“It would so happen that the nations of the world would gather to fight against you (Muslims), and would invite one another (to attack you) just as the hungry invite one other to dinning.”

A man asked, “Shall we (Muslims) be in very small number and the Kufar in great number at that time?”

The Prophet replied: “No, the Muslims would be in a great number at that time. But they would be like garbage flowing in the direction of the river current. The Kufar would cease to fear you (Muslims). And your hearts would develop ‘Wahan’”.

Someone asked, “What is Wahan”?

The Prophet said: “Love of the world and hatred for death.”

Muslims now are one and a quarter billion but they are being aimed at by the non Muslims like vultures. It seems like there honor has died. The love of this world has made place in their hearts and they have forgot to remember Allah. They don’t learn Quran which is the book of faith of Muslims.

In another Hadis it is said by Hazrat Muhammad p.b.u.h“As long as the best amongst you are your chieftains; the rich are generous and your matters are decided with consultation, the surface of earth is better for you than the underside of earth. But when it so happens that your chieftains are the worst people are your chieftains, the rich become miser and your government is led by women, then the underside of earth is better for you than its surface.”

Now we see that the practice of Quran learning is put aside as we are too busy in performing the worldly acts. People like said in a Hadis will adopt the ways of the Christians and the Jews.

Just like the Christians who kept the Bible in the pocket next to their hearts, Muslims have kept the book of Allah in the shelves to show respect but don’t read it any more even when they can read Quran online.