Sunday, December 20, 2009

Islam and the Concept of Poetry

According to William Wordsworth “poetry is intermittent inspiration and overflow of powerful emotions expressed in tranquility”. A poet is the man of consciousness and wisdom. In past whenever disbelievers listen Quran Recitation, they claimed that it is as poetic book but actually Quranic verses and poetry are two different things. Here the question arises that is poetry allowed in Islam or not?

There are two main verses dealing with the subject of poets. In Sura Yasin in verse 69 the Qur’an says: “We have not instructed the (Prophet) in poetry, not is it meet for him; this is no less than a message and a Quran making things clear.” Why this verse was revealed to the Prophet? Simply because the Quranic idiom, language and style are so unique that none can excel it.

In few Islamic Schools poetry is being taught to praise the creator and his Prophet (PBUH) which is called Hamd and Naat. Similarly during the period of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) the poets used to paste or hang their writings on the walls of Kaaba and prove their excellence. “Saba Moalleqat” were very much popular writings hung on the walls of Kaaba.

Poets in to two classes; The evil ones and the righteous ones. The poets who spread evil are condemned. The poets who preach nobility are praised. Here one question arises. Is it only for poets? Is it not for prose writers? Or is it not for all humans? If somebody preaches profanity in prose will he be appreciated? Sacrilegious ideas or deeds have to be condemned.