Friday, September 11, 2009

Impact of Education on Society

A society is a body of individuals of a species, generally seen as a community or a group. Human societies are characterized by patterns of relationships between individuals that share a distinctive culture or institutions. The behavior of the people is a major constituent in building up a society, more is the education of the people, better will be the society.

At the advent of Islam education was one of the major points of emphasis. Holy Prophet (PBUH) punctuated the importance of education, for the betterment of the society and to improve the living standard of the people. At that time the concept of an Islamic School was incurred.

Other than modern and scientific values, Ethical education plays vital role in building up a good society where people can help each other. Before the advent of scientific education Muslim students were taught Quran Recitation, Calligraphy, arts, dawah and other such subjects. The base of Islamic studies is Qur’an, hadith and Sunnat.

Civilization perceives education as an essential tool to maintain a normal civilization. Learning is a passive process, something that someone else does to you, instead of something you do for yourself. A child attends school with the intention of learning something new, to broaden his intellectual ability. He gets awareness about the societies as a school is itself a society where children from different background, nature, tradition and religion come and work as a group.

Education brings patience and ethics, the most important factors in building a peaceful and healthy society.


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