Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Education in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Pakistan is a versatile country with rich and fertile land, blessed with many natural resources, rivers flowing from every province, perfect weather conditions for cultivation and many other things, but 62 years from now Pakistan is struggling with lots of crises and still considered to be a third world country.

The problem is the in system of education prevailing in the country which is somewhat good in few elite class areas but worst in the rural areas of Pakistan. As majority of the Pakistanis live in rural areas so they are kept away from the quality education. There are very few Quality education institutions and Islamic Schools.

Many children don’t even go to the schools due to financial and other problems as good institutions are either expensive or unreachable for the poor people.

The people of rural areas are more religious and to some extent backward, They don’t have the exposure of modern education so they send their children only to the Madrassas for Quran Recitation learning.

The government of Pakistan is confused in the education system and every year new traditions, laws, experiments, techniques are introduced. Education has been divided into two parts, English medium and Urdu medium. Children who are sharp and intelligent are pushed to the English medium schools whereas weak students are kept in Urdu medium schools. Most of the government educational institutions are Urdu Medium and their condition is pitiful. Private institutions are English medium but expensive for the majority of population.

We need to get ourselves out of this bewildered thinking and set up a good standard of education. Modern and scientific education should be provided to every child along with Islamic and the education of Qur’an so that we are able to stand with the developed nations in the world.


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