Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Rights Of Women In Islam

Before Islam the women had no rights what so ever. They were literally treated as animals in fact animals were treated in a better way in so many cases. It is recorded that there was a tradition of Arabs where they used to bury their females born babies in hatred.

A companion of Rasulullah (Sallallaho alaihe wasallam) names Hazrat Wahi Qalbi (RA) came to him after embracing Islam and shared a story. He told Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) that he had a baby girl and he wanted to bury her, but somehow he couldn’t do that. The girl grew older to a stage where she could speak.

Hazrat Wahi Qalbi (RA) got a chance to take his daughter to the forest, there he buried his daughter, he says his daughter was crying out loudly but he gave no attentionJustify Full to her. When Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) listened to all this, tears ran through his cheeks and he couldn’t resist to hide his sorrow.

The happening itself explains that what a brutal and cruel system was there in Arab. Allah (SWT) sent His Messenger to the people of Arab with the clear cut commandments. Allah Ta’ala addressed the issues women were facing in Arab. Islam gave a proper share to women in inheritance. Other than inheritance women got a chance to give their input when it comes to their own marriages.

Quran is the source where people can get guidance for their lives. We all must learn Quran, nowadays people can learn live Quran on internet, and indeed it is a great facility.