Friday, June 25, 2010

Man-Made Gods and Goddesses

Mankind since the creation of the universe has been searching for the creator of the universe. The word mazha holds the basic idea of God who has created the world. Some believe in this others believe that there is no creator and the world is an accident.

It is thought that the creator is a dictator and anyone disobeying him has to face the wrath of the creator and afflictions, difficulties. It was thought that you can please him by flattering and praising him. Even offerings are made to praise him. When God is happy he blesses you with happiness, honor, gifts etc. thus I conclude the man made god is like a king and thus the practices adopted are also based on human nature and instinct. It was said by Voltaire that

“If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him”.

The rituals and practices that were used to please the gods and goddesses were named religion by the mankind. Then there is another aspect of the man created god i.e. what ever man feared he started to follow him and worship him. Not thinking that the he might also have been created by another god. The gods and the goddesses that man believed in were in one way ort another were dependent on others. This waved out concept of god itself. There is a question that how can a being be a God and dependent at the same time? Quran teaching was against it. Islam gives the concept of a oneness of Allah. He is not dependent on any one. He has created the universe and he is the sole creator who ruins all the affairs of the universe.