Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sufis and their love for Quran

Quran is a miracle that has caught the attention of the mankind and made them love it the most. It is an undeniable miracle of Allah like no other publication in this world been. There are numerous inspiring tales of people’s love of Quran. We need not advance in the distinct past; a look at the biographies of our Ulama who passed away verify this statement of their love for Quran.

Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari (rahimahulla) said that,” In my life, there is only one thing that I love and only one thing that I hate. It is Quran that I love and it is the British that I hate.”

Similarly we cantleave behind the love of Hazrat Maulana Qari Fateh Muhammadabout him Mufti Taqi Usmani rightly says: “Qari Fateh Muhammad was a living miracle of Quran. His tongue was all the time busy reciting the Quran. He was always engrossed in thinking the best ways of spreading Quran education. He was at home in different accents of recitation. During Ramadan, he would lead the prayer of traveeh and recite seven to ten parts of Quran in one night. In this way he would complete the Quran in three or four days. Then he would again recite the whole Quran in some other accent. By the end of Ramadan he would recite the Quran for about ten times in traveeh alone”.

The names of Sheikh-ul-Hadith Maulana Zakariya (rahimahullah), Hazrat Mufti Rasheed Ahmad (rahimahullah), and Hazrat Qari Raheem Bukhsh can’t be left behind in the list of love of Quran. They were blessed with such immense love of Quran that except for natural human yearns, they would not spend a lone instant in which they were not teaching or reciting the Quran.