Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fake Islamic Sites and Our Responsibility

Despite of the various benefits of the internet regarding information gathering, there are certain groups who are using this medium for propaganda against Islam. Enemies of Islam have got a good platform to misguide the people about Islam and Muslims. Although Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, but unfortunately Muslims are weak in technology and this weakness is being exploited by anti Islamic groups to keep the people away from Islam.

We have encountered some websites that apparently look to be run by Muslims and pretend to be Islamic sites but actually these are spreading wrong information just to misguide non-Muslims who are keen to know about Islam. Instead of showing the real meaning of Quran, they twist the meaning of verses and present it in front of the public.

When we see such kind of websites, normally we react with anger. In fact it is a sign of strong faith and shows our love for religion Islam. But such things cannot be dealt with anger. What we need is to follow the proper channel and compete with them.

Don’t go for dialogue if you are not completely prepared. Otherwise they will defeat you if you lack in religious knowledge. So make sure that you have grasped complete knowledge of what you are going to talk about. Another thing you should remember that you shouldn’t publicize these fake websites. Doing this you are making these websites popular that will help the owner of these websites.

The best way to deal with fake Islamic websites is to develop a website that accurately defines the concept of Islam. We should guide people who don’t understand Arabic through Online Quran Translations. We should provide people with the answers according to the teachings of Quran and sunnah because lots of people turn to the internet when they need to know the answers for certain issues.


Rain_Drops said...

there are some islamic sites which are even more destructive to islam than those fake sites :)

Anonymous said...

what are some examples of these sites?