Thursday, January 28, 2010

Which Then, Of The Favors Of Your Lord Wills O Jinn And Men You Twain Will Deny?

Starting from the creation of mankind to the judgment day everything is the creation of God. Allah is the lord of all the worlds, the heavens and the earth. Not even a bird can fly if God did not give him power to fly. Nor the boats float if there is no up thrust or buoyancy of water on the boat. Nor a creature can walk on earth if there is no gravity by God? Nothing can be stable if God takes the friction away.

We can never be able to count the blessings of God. Thus when awe can’t even count them how can we ever think of paying him back? That is impossible even this body and soul is a blessing of Allah. Starting from cradle to grave everything from the side of God is a blessing. Leadership is one of the blessings of God it has nothing to do with selection or election of people. When we read and learn Quran we find out what their real meaning of leadership and political power is in Islam. As it is said in Quran that:

“Allah has promised those of you who believe and do good works to make them masters in the land” (24:55).

This leadership is deserved by those who have completely surrendered themselves to the will of Allah. In Quran one example of this granting of leadership is Abraham. In Quran it is aid that Allah tested him in different ways and then gave him the gift of immamat. Allah tests the mankind all their lives and they are either granted with gifts, blessings or punished depending upon the result of their test. As it is said in Quran that:

God has made an example of the city which was once safe and peaceful. Its provisions used to come in abundance from every quarter: but its people denied the favors of Allah. Therefore, He afflicted them with famine and fear as a punishment for what they did. (16:112)

After the granting of what a man has deserved either he becomes proud of what he has or gets dismayed for what has been taken away from him. Man is so ungrateful and ignorant the powers of Allah.

The students of Islamic schools are able to put their lives in the best way Allah wants the muslims to be like, i.e. peaceful grateful and completely surrendered to Allah. This is done by teaching students Quran.

Online Quran is also spreading literacy is Quran in all the parts of the world.