Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Islamic Schools are Preffered

An Islamic School is a place where children are groomed according to the principles of Islam. The ideal Islamic school must have syllabus conforming to the needs of modern education to compete the world.

The purpose of an Islamic school is essentially to create an environment that reflects an Islamic ideology. It is warm, embracing, encouraging and its decor redirects its inhabitants towards God remembrance and good actions. Students of Islamic schools can better live their life according to the teachings of Islam by understanding the concepts of Qur’an.

The role of an Islamic school teacher is to then produce a wholesome child who carries out his obligations as set out by the precepts of Islam. Teaching of Quran Recitation is the most valuable feature of an Islamic School. Teacher’s directive is to educate a child by giving him or her mannerisms and the etiquette that will serve the child and the community; to ultimately make the child understand the purpose of his life and to provide that child with knowledge that will equip him/her to pursue both worldly gains and most importantly after-life gains. Such a child does not feel coerced, stifled or imprisoned but feels motivated, free and eager.

An essential prerequisite is that religious and secular subjects should be made an indivisible whole. The compartmentalization of religious and secular education, based on a factitious division of life into spiritual and temporal, is not sanctioned by Islam.

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